Julie morel2

Julie Morel is born and has grown up in Paris. Still, she has always been in love with nature and spending all her holidays sleeping in the wood, climbing mountains, exploring rivers' beds...
After a classical beginning of professional life as a teacher of public health and pedagogical projects' coordinator in the incredible "City of Sciences" of Paris, Julie Morel finally responded to an inner call and became a beekeeper in the surroundings of Paris. Following the bees, she had to learn so much about nature's secrets. Among others, she discovered the anthroposophic's vision of the world inherited from Rudolph Steiner, founder of the biodynamic agriculture movement. After having created her own method of forest bathing without knowing the official existence of this practice, she improved her know-how of this art training with Selvans and Alex Gesse. She currently guides wood baths in Mallorca for now 3 years.
In her private life, Julie has always taken care of her own personal development through yoga and meditation, energy healings, musical practice, mindfulness practice... She eventually decided to become a energy healing practicioner herself when she discovered the "integrated rehabilitation method" of Jean Paul Résseguier.
Currently living in Mallorca for several years, she offers to people coming there to recover, relax, connect with the peace and the beauty of its magnificent nature, an unmatched opportunity to live a unique experience of connexion with nature.