Julie Morel, BreathInDeia and it's partners

    Julie Morel is born and has grown up in Paris. Nevertheless, she has always been in love with nature and spending all her holidays sleeping in the woods, climbing mountains, exploring rivers' beds...

    After a classical beginning of professional life as a teacher of public health and pedagogical projects' coordinator in the incredible "City of Sciences" of Paris, Julie Morel finally responded to an inner call and became a beekeeper in the surroundings of this city. Following the bees, she had to learn so much about nature's secrets. Among others, she discovered the anthroposophic's vision of the world inherited from Rudolph Steiner, founder of the biodynamic agriculture movement.

    After having created her own method of nature bathing and BreathInDeia, she discovered the official existence of this practice and decided to validate her know-how of this art in reputed institutions. She's been guiding nature bathing sessions in Mallorca for 3 years now.

    Defining herself as a mindful explorer, Julie Morel is also a sound healer and energy healing practitioner. She is passionate about anything related to nature, its healing power and the natural practices of expanded consciousness and self-healing. 
Currently living in Mallorca, she offers to people coming there to recover and relax an unmatched opportunity to live unique experiences of connection with themself and nature.

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Offering an exclusive tailor-made service wich is bound to please even the
most demanding customers,
BreathinDeia works with several hotels
in Mallorca such as:

La Residencia (Deia)

Gran Hotel Soller (Soller)

Hotel Aimia (Puerto de Soller)

Charles Marlow (Real estate)