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Nature bathing : another way to be... in nature

For many of us, being in nature is a very special moment - one that brings joy, well-being and happiness.
During the nature bathing experience, you will learn how to amplify this reality while discovering simple activities based on worldwide traditions and sciences.

Nature bathing relies on three steps :
slowing down,
opening senses,
becoming aware
of one's sensations and emotions.

Nature bathing activities are simple, entertaining and powerful.

Ending the walkshop, you will walk in nature profundly relaxed and grounded, aware of life in and around you.

Back home, you will have tools to reproduce the experience and share it with friends.

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Heal yourself with nature

Currently becoming world-wide knowledge, the benefits of forest and nature bathing are great. Among others, forest bathing is scientifically proven to reduce stress' hormone production, lower blood pressure rate, boost immune system and accelerate recovery from illness. It also increases feeling of happiness and free up one's creativity. 
If you want to learn more about these issues, click on the following links:

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Association of Nature and Forest Therapy

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What they say about it

"I cannot tell you how wonderful Julie's guided meditative walk through nature was today! The creative elements Julie brought into the practice really opened my senses and heart. The walk was through such a magical scenery. I came today feeling refreshed and renewed. Julie's instruction was clear and easy to follow. Taking one of Julie's walk is a must if you come to Deia!"
Libby P.

This experience has given me the opportunity to deepen even more the delightful connection I feel with nature inviting to the exploration both interior and exterior. I could feel that part of me that is happy to experiment with all senses my feelings and emotions and share them in a group in a magical environment!
Thank you.

Lucia T.

"Walking in nature around Deia with mindfulness guide Julie is a beautiful pleasure. Her simple exercices created a heightened awareness of my surroundings and the heartbeat of Life. She has a special connection to the land and is able to transmit it to others. I recommend her whole-heartedly."
Robin J.

"I have experienced a few occasions in nature with Julie. Many moments are awe. Wider perspectives of the fantastic mallorqueen beauty. Ever so greatful."
Charlotte O.

The beauty sleeper's vision of the workshop

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Prices and conditions

1-3 people : €90 per person
Groups from 4 to 8 people : €350 per activity

A session usually lasts 3 hours (on request). It takes place in magnificent and quiet places of the surroundings of Deia.

Nature bathing is an art. Since everyone has its own sensibility and outside conditions change everyday, each bath is unique and adaptated in live for you.