Sound healing
Tune  Harmony  Rejuvenate

Thanks to quantic physic science, it is now demonstrated that everything in our world is vibration including our body, organs and cells.

Playing acoustic instruments we create specific vibrations in order to tune to harmony the frequencies of one's cells, organs, thoughts and emotions.

Receiving these vibrations, one directly switches to alpha state and can therefore fully enjoy the physical and emotional well-being generated by the musical vibrations.

With eyes closed, and fully relaxed horizontally, one can take a journey inside one's own body and all over the vibrating world.

Two profesionals at your service

Daniel Alzamora Dickins and Julie Morel are both sound practitioners and musicians. 

Together they have created a combination of healing sounds to maximise the curative power of the vibrations of their instruments and tools.

During a one-hour session, you will be cradled and restored by the vibrations of Tibetan and crystal bowls, voices, native drums, didgeridoo, gong, tuning forks, native flutes and more.

Coming back from this marvellous journey, you will be able to appreciate its benefits, simultaneously feeling full of energy and deeply relaxed.

Sound bath son beltran modifie

What they say about it

"Anytime I can attend, I join Julie and Daniel's sound baths. It is the best way I know to relax and recuperate my energy and equilibrium. I love travelling guided by the incredible sounds of their wonderful instruments." 
bby P.

"I discovered sound baths in Deià thanks to BreathinDeia. I became totally fascinated by the effects that sounds have on my body and energy levels. It's always an incredible experience."
Júlia L.

"Un espacio para conectar con el corazón en belleza y serenidad."
Margie A.

"Julie et Daniel nous ont offert une session magique et magnifique. C'est une façon pronfondément agréable de se régénérer." 
Xavier P.


Prices and conditions

An exclusive sound healing performed live for you : 350 €

Price per session. Maximum 20 people.

We are happy to perform the sound healing at your choice of location or in a chosen area of nature.

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