The Sound baths
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Thanks to quantic physic, science has demonstrated that everything in our world is vibration including our body, organs and cells. Playing acoustic instruments (crystal bowls, gong didgeriddo, drums, flutes, etc...) we create vibrations to which resonates our body and cells. Those vibrations brings us calm, harmony, peace, physical and emotional wellness. Laying down on a mat, in contact with the earth, eyes shutted, one can travel inside its body all over the vibrating world.

"Let there be Sound"

Offers and booking

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Daniel Alzamora and Julie Morel are both practitioners and musicians. 
Together they have created a combinaison of sounds to maximise the healing power of vibration of their instruments and tools.
During a one-hour sesion, one will travel over and be crossed by the vibrations of tibetan and crystal bowls, primitive drums, didgeridoo, gong, voice and much more. Coming back from its journey, he will be able to appreciate the benefits of its journey, feeling simultanely deeply relax and full of energy.

Experience a unique sound healing in nature or at your place and feel the effects of the sounds on your body and mind.