Mindful walks
Enter another world


Experience a new way of walking in nature

   Mindful walks are an opportunity to explore stunning natural world of Deia whilst experiencing being deliberately aware of your body, mind and feelings.
It's a unique opportunity to profoundly relax, discovering extra special locations and unspoilt panoramas of Deia.

   Gently slowling down, we will walk through secular olive trees alongside the coast and wind through mountain paths. During our wandering, we will take the time to absorb and appreciate the ambiance of each special place.

A qualified guide for a new art

   Everyone has experienced how being in nature transforms our mood, releases our tensions and improves our sleep. The wellness benefits of being in nature are expanded by the practice of mindfulness.

   In a mindful walk experience, a qualified guide leads you through a walk and a series of activities that use the healing powers of nature to help you to re-balance your mind and body.

Benefits of mindfulness in nature

In the last few years a variety of publications and TV news have reported the results of worldwide scientific studies on its health benefits. Among others, it has proven to improve mood, boost immunity, reduce stress and high blood pressure.

Nature bathing is a powerful antidote to pressures of the modern world, delivering lasting benefits to your physical and mental well-being meanwhile creating within you a profound connection to nature.

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Paths, prices and conditions

Depending on your preferences, physical capacities and seasonal choice, we propose various 4hr and 6hr circuits.

4-hour journeys:
* The Small wooden bridge,
* The Secret panoramas,

*The ancients

6-hour journeys:
* Mountain and sea,
* The Hole,
* The paintors' path


A 4-hour mindful walk: €100 per person
Groups from 5-8 persons: €450 per activity

A 6-hour mindful walk: €130 per person
Groups from 5-8 persons: €590 per activity

Where would you like to go? How long would you enjoy being outside? What is your physical condition? Let's figure out together which itinerary would suit you best.