Mindful excursion
Imagine a new way to walk through nature

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Mindful excursions are an opportunity to explore stunning deia's nature while experiencing being mindfully in nature. The combinaison of both offers a unique opportunity of relaxing profoundly meanwhile discovering best places and panoramas of Deia.

Everyone has experienced how being in nature transform our mood, our tensions and our nights. The wellness benefits of being in nature are expanded by the practice of mindfulness. In a mindful excursion experience, a qualified guide leads you through a walk and a series of activities that use the healing powers of nature to help you to re-balance your mind and body. In the last few years a lot of publications and tv news have reported the results of worldwide scientific studies on its health benefits. Among others, it is proven to boost immunity, reduce stress, reduces high blood pressure, improve your mood. Nature bathing is a powerful antidote to the pressures of the modern world, proven to deliver lasting benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing while creating within you a profound connection to nature.

Offers and booking

A mindful excursion includes many possible practices. We will be attentive to your group specific needs and taste to guide you in the best suited way.
The duration of the excursion is up to you : 4 or 6 hours, with or without pic-nic provided.
Let's talk about it together accordingly to your holidays' program and weather conditions.

Offers and booking