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  • What they say about "Connect to nature"

    " I cannot tell you how wonderful Julie's guided meditation walk through nature was today !

    The creative elements Julie brought into the practice really opened my senses and my heart. 

    The walk was through such a magical scenery.

    My experience was really sublime. I came away today feeling refreshed and renewed.

    Julie's instruction wax clear and easy to follow.

    Taking one of Julie's walks is a must if you come to Deia ! "

    Libby P.

    " Una muy placentera experiencia de reconexion con una misma a través del contacto con la naturaleza en su maxima expresion.

    Recorrer estos caminos con Julie despierta los sentidos y acaricia el alma. Gracias ! "

    Ana F.

    " This experience has given me the opportunity to deepen even more with the delightful connection I feel with nature inviting to the exploration both interior and exterior. I could feel that part of me that is happy to experiment with all senses my feelings and emotions and share them in group in a magical environment ! Thank you !"

    Montse P.

    " Una forma preciosa de llevarnos al momento presente con muy buena energia y maravilloso contexto"

    Marga G.