Connect To Nature

For many of us, beign in nature is a very special moment that makes us happy. During the BreathinDeia walkshop, you will learn how to amplify this reality. Discovering simple activities that will open all your senses, you will become more aware of your connection to Nature and experience a new perception of it.


"I cannot tell you how wonderful Julie's guided meditative walk through nature was today! The creative elements Julie brought into the practice really opened my senses and my heart. The walk was through such magical scenery. I came away today feeling refreshed and renewed. Julie's instruction was clear and easy to follow.

Taking one of Julie's walks is a must if you come to Deia!"                                                         

Libby P.

" Una muy placentera experiencia de reconexión con una misma a través del contacto con la naturaleza en su máxima expresión. Recorrer estos caminos con Julie despierta los sentidos y acaricia el alma. Gracias ! "

Ana F.

"Walking in nature around Deia with mindfulness guide Julie is a beautiful pleasure. Her simple exercices created a heightened awareness of my surroundings and the heartbeat of Life. She has a special connection to the land and is able to transmit it to others.

I recommend her whole-heartedly."

Robin J.

" Un moment hors-temp vécu avec joie au sein d'une nature exceptionnelle. Une grande reconnaissance à Julie qui nous a accompagné subtilement à se connecter à la beauté et à la nature pour favoriser une ouverture de conscience à partir de notre corps. J'en ressors avec une profonde relaxation, une grande tranquilité et un  éveil nouveau de perception intérieure et extérieure. "

Xavier P.


In special places of the exceptional environment of Deia, the BreathinDeia walkshop is a two-hour journey of walking and communing with nature to develop your dialogue with Her and initiate a new communication.

The walkshop is a moment of deep relaxation that also gives you tools to intensify your moments of connection to nature.

Based on different traditions such as shirin-yoku, zen bouddhism or the european anthroposophia, it works with and for everyone.

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