Energy Healing   The Alchimic Body
Relaxation Liberation  Transformation

An energy healing is a holistic way of opeing our body to a new energy.
This energy flows in the body releasing tensions and emotional crystallizations coming from our daily life or from our past.
Energy healing can be used as a tool of personal development as well as an ally to get rid of physical or psychological pain or disease.

The Alchimic Body is a healing protocol also called "Integrated Energetic Rehabilitation". It has been created more than 30 years ago by Mr Jean Paul Resseguier (Switzerland), at the meeting point of the occidental medecine, chinese medecine and ancestral holistic healing practices.
It associates touch, magnetism and talking guidance in a unique healing session adapted to the moment and the specific needs of the person who is receiving it.

He/she is aware of the movement of the energy in his/her body. Sustained by the practicioner, he/she connects to his/her inner sensations and emotions and participates to his/her own process of guerison.

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